X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount)

X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount)

X-Fee Pro is an advanced fee/discount module that lets you define any kind of fee or discount to the order. This could be a payment processing fee, shipping process fee, bulk discount or any general-purpose charge/discount. This module allows you to create your own fee and you can name it whatever the name you want.

You can add the fee/discount with the following criteria:

1. Product Category based fee/discount.
2. Order Total based fee/discount
3. Weight Based fee/discount
4. Customer group Based fee/discount
5. Shipping Method Based fee/discount
6. Payment Method Based fee/discount
6. Cart quantity based fee/discount
8. Fee/Discount amount can be fixed or percentage
9. Fee/discount can be shown with Or without VAT/Tax
10. Fake fee i.e this fee appears on the total section but does not affect Order amount
11. Customer First order/purchase Discount
12. and many more options...

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