X-Payment (Custom Payment Method)

X-Payment (Custom Payment Method)

X-Payment is an advanced custom payment module. If you want to define your own payment method, this module is the perfect solution. This module allows you to create your own payment method and name it whatever you want. You can define the payment method with the following criteria:

1. Category based Payment method.
2. Store-based Payment method
3. Geo Zone Based Payment method
4. Manufacturer Based Payment method
5. Customer Group Based Payment method
6. Zip/Postal Based Payment method
7. Weight Based Payment method
8. Total Based Payment method
9. Strong Debugging Option
10. Callback URL supported
11. Multilingual
12. Unlimited Payment Methods
13. Possible to send payment instruction in customer order email if you want
14. Option to show instruction in Oder detail
15. Very User-friendly admin interface
16. Redirect URL support with data
17. Custom Success Page URL
18. Free Integration support
19. It is possible to integrate xform in xpayment. So xform can be placed during checkout using xpayment and xform
20. Possible to implement third party payment gateway like Paycom. It is not possible to implement all payment gateways so please contact before purchasing
21. Possible to integrate most of the third party payment gateway using xpayment addon. If you need an addon, Please contact for a quote.
22. Additional Admin Order email based on the Payment method

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