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موديول لتمكين ميزة تسجيل الدخول برقم الجوال أو الايميل. او رقم الجوال فقط. او الايميل فقطتعمل على الثيم الافتراضي وعلى قالب جورناللا تعمل على تغيير اى ملفات اساسية ..
✫ Upload and use – no core file modification requires✫ Manage fields position using drag and drop, choose field type from multiple options like select, radio, checkbox, date, time, date & time, email, password, file, etc.✫ Create multi-lingual form fields✫ Create HTML e-mail ..
X-Fee Pro is an advanced fee/discount module that lets you define any kind of fee or discount to the order. This could be a payment processing fee, shipping process fee, bulk discount or any general-purpose charge/discount. This module allows you to create your own fee and you can name it whatever t..
X-Payment is an advanced custom payment module. If you want to define your own payment method, this module is the perfect solution. This module allows you to create your own payment method and name it whatever you want. You can define the payment method with the following criteria:1. Category based ..
تعريب موديول ال SMSSMS Notification + OTP Verification. Work with any SMS APIيعمل مع كل بوابات الرسائل النصيةيعمل على ارسال اشعارات بحالات الطلب المختلفةتوجد ميزة التحقق من رقم الجوال OTPسهولة بالاستخدامتعريب احترافي جدا..
تعريب احترافي لإضافة التكلفة والارباحالإضافة من شركة ADV المتخصصة في التقارير الاحترافيةمميزات الموديولحساب التكلفة والارباح للمنتجات بطريقتين ( تكلفة ثابتة و متوسط التكلفة )ميزة ( ربح المنتج ، هامش الربح ، نسبة الربح ).السعر شامل. ضريبة للمنتج ، خيارات ، خصم ، خاص.تكاليف ال..
The Pre-Order module allows your users to order products currently out of stock by replacing the Add-To-Cart button with Pre-Order. The module enables your customers to easily use the pre-order functionality of OpenCart and be aware they are pre-ordering the specific product.Main Features:✯ Get Visu..
$5.00 $35.00
ExcelPort is a reliable tool that lets you export all your product data into an Excel file, edit it, and then import it again in OpenCart with the modified products. Please take a look in the demo.Main Features✯ Multiple fields supported – ExcelPort offers a one click export/import of OpenCart Produ..
$10.00 $119.00
Back up and restore your OpenCart store with a few clicks. AnyPort also comes with a handy Dropbox Integration, which allows you to set automated back ups. Main Features ✯ Define what you back up - Choose among a full, files only, database or a custom back up✯ One click restore - Restore your back..
$8.00 $99.00
* Select & Sort columns displayed * Quick in place edit * Batch edit multiple products * Relative edit numeric values * Advanced filters * Match anywhere *What does it do?AQE PRO extends OpenCart Catalog, Marketing and Sales menu list view pages.On Ca..
$10.00 $70.00
How does it work?Codes can be added to each product. When a customer purchases a code the stock reduces and a key sends to a customer’s email and into a customer’s account.Within the codes, it’s possible to add URL links to every language. Let’s say you want to give a customer link to download a pro..
$10.00 $45.00
Module is designed to set related-to-option values for goods (eg. colour and size). Thus it gives a way to account goods on stock depending on option combinations. Option combinations also can have different prices.Fields "Parent option" and "Parent option value" by a certain product at the admin pa..
The best additions to open card to control SEOIts advantages are very manyThe ability to create a site map compatible with most webmaster toolsThe ability to make SEO links to the entire site with simple clicksThe price of addition with installation with sending the source..
$10.00 $99.00
* Multiple Product Quick Edit Pro will make your products much easier to manage by edit products straight way on the product list page.* Edit multiple products in short time with multi language support.* Select Multiple Product and edit or update in only one-step with button update selected* Multipl..
Add professional emailsThe add-on converts the traditional Open Cart script emails into professional emailsWith the addition, you can control the site's e-mail: such as customer registration, requests, order statuses, and everything related to e-mailTo see an example of the extension: You can regist..
When you will delete your product this module will auto detect the all product images which is linked and delete it ....
X-shipping pro is a Advanced shipping module. If you want to define your own shipping method and price, this module is the perfect solution. In this module you can create your own shipping method and give the method name what you want. You can define shipping method with following criteria:1. Catego..
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