Form Builder - Multi Form Creator

Form Builder - Multi Form Creator

 Upload and use – no core file modification requires
 Manage fields position using drag and drop, choose field type from multiple options like select, radio, checkbox, date, time, date & time, email, password, file, etc.
 Create multi-lingual form fields
 Create HTML e-mail template for admin and customer e-mail
 Customize success page content show after form submit
 See list of all form submissions in admin
 Manage form fields sort order by Drag & Drop
 Set form validation error with message
 Assign form to different layout at different pages
 Embed different forms at different information pages or one form on all information pages
 Show Form as Popup for different products
 Show Form Popup at any page using Javascript function (Definition in admin)
 SEO Friendly URL's
 All Themes Compatible
 Journal 2 Theme Compatible
 Journal 3 Theme Compatible
 Fastor Theme Compatible
 All Versions Compatible ( 2x & 3x )
 OCMOD Supported
 12 Months Free Support
 Documentation Included
 Quick and reliable support

✫ Select Type

✦ Multiple Selections

✦ Radio

✦ Toggle Button (Radio)

✦ Checkbox

✦ Switch Button (Checkbox)

✫ Input Type

✦ Text

✦ Textarea

✦ Number

✦ Telephone

✦ Email

✦ Email Exists

✦ Password

✦ Confirm Password

✦ Color Picker

✫ Date Type

✦ Date

✦ Time

✦ Date & Time

✫ Localisation Type

✦ Country

✦ Zone

✦ Postcode

✦ Address

✫ Header

✦ Heading Title

✦ Paragraph

✦ Horizontal Line

✫ Google Map

✫ File Type

✦ Drag & Drop File Upload using Dropzone

✫ Captcha

✦ Basic Captcha

✦ Google Re-CAPTCHA

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