AnyPort Reliable Backup/Restore to Cloud Services

AnyPort Reliable Backup/Restore to Cloud Services

Back up and restore your OpenCart store with a few clicks. AnyPort also comes with a handy Dropbox Integration, which allows you to set automated back ups.

Main Features

✯ Define what you back up - Choose among a full, files only, database or a custom back up
✯ One click restore - Restore your back up with a few clicks
✯ Flexible Options - Backup and Restore to Dropbox, Google Drive or to your FTP
✯ Automatic or Manual back up - Automatic (scheduled) backups to Dropbox, Google Drive
✯ Never get lost - Intuitive progress bar to keep you informed about each step
✯ Easy Installation - Straight-forward installation, simply copy/paste the files to your OpenCart installation
✯ Stay secure - Requires SSL Certificate
✯ Multi-lingual back up
✯ Please mind that your server needs to run PHP 5.4+
  • Custom Cloud Backup

    Custom Cloud Backup

    AnyPort provides a myriad of Back-up options. Choose the one you need among a Full Backup, Database Backup, Files Backup or perform a Custom Backup. You can back-up to cloud services like Dropbox.

  • Automatic Backup

    Automatic Backup

    Get your OpenCart web store a life insurance policy with a secure and reliable scheduled backup to Dropbox.

  • Easy Cloud Restore

    Easy Cloud Restore

    Two restore options to choose from - Full or a Partial restore. AnyPort helps you protect and recover your web store in case of an emergency.

  • Human Readable Export

    Human Readable Export

    Export your products in a human-readable file. Ideal for performing analytical data analysis, editing information or for your private power enhancing purposes.

  • Rock-solid Documentation

    Rock-solid Documentation

    Benefit from the resource-rich documentation that leads you through every step, from the installation to the integration and setting up AnyPort with Dropbox.

  • Every Theme Friendly

    Every Theme Friendly

    AnyPort is fully compatible with 99.99% of the OpenCart themes. True story.

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